Interview: Incite

Thank you for taking the time for this short interview. We always have the same 10 questions, so that our readers can make some comparisons to other bands, and we try to ask questions that answer more things within one step.
Feel free to write as much as you want. We will not shorten it or censor anything 😉 

At home:
In which way do you write your songs? Does anyone of you have kind of an initial idea, or do you just play on and on until something sounds interesting to you, or another way?

Well it all starts with Dis he brings in the riffs, and we will all listen, and use what we like. Then Zak will add drums, then bass, and finally lyrics. We each write our own parts but we all have input till everyone is satisfied. It works very well for us.

Except playing music, what do you do in your free time?

I really just relax when I get the chance to. We rehearse everyday that we are home so music never stops. Also I like to see my friends because I really loose touch with them when I am on the road, so I like to catch up with all of them.

Is INCITE job, vacation or hobby?

All of the above

On the road:
Vegan, straight edge, or rather sex drugs and rockÂŽnÂŽroll? What does a perfect catering look like?

I am always drugs, sex, and metal as long as it’s not my turn to drive. Food wise I eat what ever they give me I do prefer a good schnitzel.

If you could choose, who would be your favourite support band on a headlining tour / who would be your favourite headliner you would support?

It would be slayer, obituary, suicidal tendencies, Disgorged
I would love to tour with Iron Maiden

What was your greatest event live or on tour by now?

Probably the 2000 New Year’s evil show in Arizona with Ozzy, Pantera, Slayer, Megadeth, Soulfly, with 60,000 people. It was metal history all the legends on one stage

Imagine you are stranded on a secluded island and your I-Pod has a defect. It only will play one song (which is none of your own ones). Which one?

.who will stop the rain

If you could start again at the beginning of your band, would you do anything different than you did?

No I don’t think so I got that chance in 2007 so I changed the band members and the music direction so now I am in the perfect place right now

How much does the music you are doing mean to you? Are there limits in what you would invest (time / emotions / finances)?

No limits I have invested everything I am and have for this band. This is all I am it has been my goal since I can remember. All I had to accomplish other than my band was getting a high school diploma and I did so music is all that is left

The very last question:
If there was a question you always wanted to be asked, but never were asked yet, what would it be and what would be your answer?

Not really man I have been doing some crazy interviews and people ask things you wouldn’t believe. Thank you for the interview and for the support hope to see you on the next Incite tour check out incite at also the slaughter in stores now

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