Interview mit Alex von Obey The Brave

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Obey The Brave sind eine der Bands im „Deathcore“ Genre. Die zweite Full Lenght „Salvation“ kommt am 16.09.2014 über Epitaph Records. Wir haben uns mit Sänger Alex ein wenig unterhalten und ihm einige Fragen zur neuen CD, dem Tourleben und den kommenden Gigs im Rahmen der Impericon Never Say Die Tour gestellt. Was er uns erzählt hat, lest ihr hier.

1) Please introduce yourself and your band
Alex Erian, vocals

2) “Salvation“ is gonna hit the stores 15th of September, how was the recording process?
Long haha. We pushed back all our deadlines and took our time. The result: 12 songs that we’re completely stoked on. All killer, no filler. We didn’t want to rush the writing and recording process. We hardly knew each other when we wrote our first record. We’ve toured a fair portion of the world and have experienced a lot together in the past 2 years. That chemistry is reflected on the new record. “Salvation” is my 10th studio album and one of my favorites out of the lot. This record rely captures the essence of who we are as people and musicians. Very excited to share it with you all.

3) What is your favorite Song of “Salvation”?
Probably „Up In Smoke”. It’s one of the fast ones on the record. You can tell that we listened to a lot of Punk Rock growing up. The mosh part of the song reminds me of Hatebreed (just a little). We love Hatebreed haha

4) Is there any funny story during the recordings of “Salvation”?
The producer and I slid on black ice and flipped the car on the side of the highway while driving to the studio. Luckily the snow broke the fall and we were ok. We managed to salvage our recording files, despite the computer being in the wreck. Wait, that wasn’t funny haha

5) Which are your current favorite bands? Which bands had he most influence on Obey The Brave?
I just listen to a lot of hip hop. We normally rock a lot of Alice In Chains, Ghost and Pantera in the van. We don’t listen to a lot of new shit.

6) You will play the Never Say Die Tour this year, its the second time for you with Obey, is it still something special for you playing one of Europe’s biggest club tours?
So stoked on the line-up this year. We’re honoured to be part of it again. I also had the pleasure of doing it twice with Despised Icon back in the day. Some of my favourite tour memories, shows, hang outs were on NSD. Still today, theses experiences and tour stories fuel me to keep on playing music. I expect it to be the funnest tour of the year for me, as always.

7) Whats the craziest story happens to you on Tour ?
Despised Icon shared a bus with Whitechapel and Carnifex back in 2009. This one time, the driver drove on the wrong highway and was forced to stop and back up (on the fucking highway!) to the closest exit that was almost 1 km away because of a low overpass. Half the band members all exited the bus and formed a line in the back of the bus, steering the traffic away from our line as the bus was backing up. This other time on the same tour, a group of gypsies broke into our trailer to try and cross illegally into the UK. And finally on that same tour, the driver stole all the band money out the bus security box, double parked the bus in the middle of nowhere and bailed out on all of us while we were sleeping!

8) Sex Drugs and Rock ’n‘ Roll or Straight Edge/Vegan which is your lifestyle?
Pussy, Money, Weed. (not really)

9) What are you doing, when you’re not in the studio or on tour?
The simple life. I don’t like to draw attention. I just relax and hang with my lady, family, friends and Joe Beans, the smiling dog.

10) Any last words to our readers ?
Thanks for your time and attention. Peace and love

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