Interview mit Javier Gálvez (Horn Of The Rhino)


Horn Of The Rhino haben jüngst ihre aktuelle Scheibe „Summoning Deliverance“ auf den Markt gebracht. Wie sie klingt lest ihr in unserer Review-Sektion. Außerdem haben wir uns mit Gitarrist und Sänger Javier Gálvez über das Recording unterhalten und ihm noch 1-2 andere Fragen gestellt. Wie er sie beantwortet hat, lest ihr weiter unten.


1) Please Introduce yourself and your Band
Hi, my name is Javier Gálvez, guitarist and vocalist of HOTR, and my
partners are Sergio Robles, bass, and Julen Gil, drums.

2) “Summoning Deliverance” is one of my favorites these days, how was the
recording process?
Great! As always we have all things very clear before enter the studio, no
time to fuck around but it’s true that a couple of times were intense; the
new material is more changeling and the mixing sessions were a bit difficult
but nothing we can’t handle. The result speaks for itself.

3) For the people who don’t know Horn of the Rhino, describe your Style of
music you play?
That’s a tough question. There’s so much going on on our music that it’s
difficult to say if we are this or that. We don’t give a thing about labels
but we can say we are a rock, metal band, extreme metal if you like. We like
to play really heavy and slow but we like the fast stuff too. And all of our
songs are unique, so you can remember them and sing the melodies in the
shower for sure.

4) What is your favorite Song of “Summoning Deliverance”?
I like my children the same, always, but Grim Foreigners and Their Tombs are
my fav. right now.

5) Is there any funny Story during the recordings of the new Album?
Not that I remember. We’re boring farts.

6) Whats your favorite Bands or Bands that influence you and Horn of the
Rhino ?
Bolt Thrower, Soundgarden, Autopsy, Danzig, Black Sabbath…

7) Whats your plans now, after releasing “Summoning Deliverance”, is there
any tour coming in Europe ?
Something’s in the works right now regarding that matter. So far we’ve made
three shows supporting SD and the response was amazing.

8) Sex Drugs and Rock ’n‘ Roll or Straight Edge/Vegan which is your
Sex drugs and r’n’r whenever is possible. And a greasy steak!

9) What are you doing, when you’re not in the Studio or on Tour?
Writing songs, all the time.

10) Did you have some last Words for us?
To all the readers out there, go and try our new album, it’s a huge monster.
If you download it, fine, but if you like it grab a physical copy, you will
be supporting our cause!

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