Interview mit Tomas von Hang The Bastard

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Hang The Bastard von der Insel releasen am 22.09.2014 über Century Media ihre neuste Platte „Sex in the Seventh Circle“. Parallel zum Pre-listing der Scheibe, haben wir uns mit Sänger Tomas unterhalten, und ihm Fragen zum Aufnahmeprozess, Lieblingsbands und Freizeitgestaltung gestellt. Seine Antworten findet ihr hier.


1) Please introduce yourself and the band
Hey, I’m Tomas the vocalist in Hang The Bastard.

2) “Sex In The Seventh Circle“ is gonna hit the stores 22th of September, how was the recording process?
The recording for this album was in my opinion the most enjoyable and creative we’ve ever done. We recorded with our friend Steve Sears Jr (Titan Studios) who we have recorded with several times before. Steve is a great guy and really open to trying stuff out so we really allowed ourselves to push our boundaries musically when working in the studio.

3) What is your favorite song on “Sex in the Seventh Circle”?
I know it seems a cheesy thing to say but I like all of the songs. We didn’t write a handful of songs we thought were good and then bang some together as fillers. The album is written very much as a full album. Most enjoyable to record however was likely „Mists of Albion“ as we were venturing into unknown territory.

4) Is there any funny story during the recordings of “Sex in the Seventh Circle”?
We are a bunch of idiots always taking the piss out of each other and generally being morons so nothing stuck out hugely from the norm. Maybe the fact some Australian bubble gum pop group (5 seconds of summer) were recording in the studio around the same time as us, and there vocal warm ups were pretty funny?

5) Whats your favorite bands in general ? Any bands that had a big impact on Hang the Bastard?
We as people have an absolutely massive range of music tastes, collectively anything from CREAM to Asunder. I feel our wide variety of tastes is represented in our music.

6) Your style of music has changed very much since your first release „Raw Sorcery” in 2010. How did it happen ?
Hang The Bastard has always been a very organic band when writing. We just get together and jam out some riffs and build a song from there. It’s a very fluid structure wise. The band has always changed to a degree from record to record. I think the biggest contrast is our latest album and that is exciting. We fully believe this is the album we’ve wanted to write for a long time.

7) Whats your plans now, after releasing “Sex In The Seventh Circle”, is there any tour coming in Europe ?
Yes indeed we are hitting the road (UK) in September and then again in November and are planning for some European invasions next year. So stay tuned mainland.

8) Sex Drugs and Rock ’n‘ Roll or Straight Edge/Vegan which is your lifestyle?
Similar to our varied music tastes is our varied lifestyles haha we are a collection of oddballs with hugely stark lifestyless

9) What are you doing, when you’re not in the studio or on tour?
Personally, I’m a countryside kinda guy. I Listen to records, go for walks, paint Warhammer just chill haha it’s not all rock and roll all the time.

10) Did you have some last Words for us?
Thanks to anyone/everyone who has supported this band along the way. We are really proud of where we are and the music we are writing. I hope you all enjoy our new album

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