Interview mit Superheaven


Superheaven befinden sich zur Zeit immer noch in Europa. Nach dem sie bei uns im schönen Bei Chez Heinz gespielt haben, haben wir nun ein exclusives Interview mit der Band bekommen, welches wir euch natürlich nicht vorenthalten möchte. Wer die Chance hat Superheaven noch live zu erleben sollte sich diese Chance nicht entgehen lassen.


1. You are on tour right now, so when was the last concert you have been, apart from beeing on tour, and which band was playing?

Taylor Madison: Probably when I saw Tigers Jaw, Pity Sex, Petal, and Loose Planes, back in June. I haven’t been home much to catch a show since then.

2. The release date of your album is the 19th of September, which was the last record you bought?

TM: Charmer by Tigers Jaw

3.What is the last thing you do before you go on stage?

TM: I put water on my hair so it doesn’t go in my mouth while we’re playing. It still goes in my mouth while we’re playing.

4. Some of the people who are at your show are going to go home with a melodie of a Superheaven Song in their head. What was your last catchy tune?

TM: „Freak Me“ by Silk

5. You see many countries and cities while beeing on tour, but what was your last real holiday destination?

TM: I went camping with my girlfriend earlier this year. It was really cold. I don’t go on holiday very often.

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