Interview mit Donald Tardy von Obituary

Ester Segarra Die Legendären Obituary bringen nach 5 Jahren Wartezeit ihre neue Scheibe „Inked In Blood“ via Relapse Records auf den Markt. Wir haben uns mit Donald Tardy etwas genauer über den Aufnahmeprozess und das weitere Vorgehen für die Band in der nächsten Zeit unterhalten. Das Review zur Scheibe kommt im Laufe der Woche!


1) Please introduce yourself and your band
Donald Tardy with obituary.

2)“Inked In Blood” is gonna hit the stores 24th of October. How was the recording process?
We had a blast with the recording process of this new album. We have owned the studio for quite some time and this is the third album we have tracked here. This time we even mixed and produced the album ourselves. It was a monster of a challenge and we could not be more happy with the results. We kept things as basic as possible while recording the album using only microphones and the instruments, no editing notes sound replacement no triggering. Only my drum kit the microphones and the room sound. Tried to keep it as old school as we could.

3) What is your favorite song of “Inked in Blood”?
Visions in my head is unquestionably the most catchy song on the album but I do love all of the songs. I would be happy to play any song for somebody that has not heard them yet knowing that each song is as powerful as the next.

4) Is there any funny story during the recordings of “Inked In Blood”?
I recorded the drums for the first song on the album „Centuries of Lies“ in my underwear. Don’t know why…just was feeling it that day!

5) What is/are your favorite band/s or bands that influence Obituary ?
We grew up in the 70s and 80s listening to music so before death metal was when I was inspired as a musician by bands like Molly Hatchet, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ronnie James Dio, Black Sabbath and then of course Metallica and Slayer

6) The last release “Darkest Day” is 5 years old now. What happened between the release of “Darkest Day” and the new masterpiece “Inked In Blood” ?
We really took our time, writing the new songs for inked in blood. We were in no hurry, we had no deadlines, and we just allowed the songs to find us. We also stayed very busy the last couple of years with the classic set list. Everybody loved the classic set list of songs only off the first three albums so that kept us busy touring around the world with it. Once we made it back to the studio, we continued writing and started the recording process. It’s hard to believe, over four years in between two albums but that’s just what happened. We are very excited about „Inked in Blood“and can not wait for our fans to hear it and tell us what they think. We poured our hearts and souls into this album, and we hope they love it!!

7)What are your plans now, after releasing “Inked In Blood”, is there any tour coming to Europe ? We will stay very busy in support of „Inked in Blood“ with a world tour and shows everywhere on the planet. We know, that Obituary fans are dying to see us and we’re doing everything we can, to make it to everybody possible. The official obituary website,  has all confirmed tour dates and tour plans for 2015.

8) Obituary is now 30 years in the music buisness. Which was your biggest success?
For 30 years we have been a band and every year gets better and better and all the albums over the years we are very proud of and are ready for the release of „Inked In Blood“.

9) What are you doing, when you’re not in the studio or on tour?
Staying out of the sun. It’s too hot here in sunny Florida
… I work with my local Humane Society and help the homeless cat population here in Tampa when I’m not on tour. It’s a volunteer program that promotes „Trap-Nueter-Vaccinate-Return“ (TNVR) This process eliminates the breeding and stops the population problem. It’s something I’m very passionate about and very involved with in my town and community.

10) Do you have some last words for us?
Yes, 5 last words: GO BUY INKED IN BLOOD! 🙂

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