Interview mit Jonathan Vigil von The Ghost Inside

The Ghost Inside - Press Photo by Jon Weiner 3

Ich habe meinen Kumpel David, der in Köln im Exil lebt, dazu genötigt mit seiner Lieblings Band abzuhängen und zu quatschen. The Ghost Inside gastierten am 18.10.14 zusammen mit Asking Alexandria in Köln. Passend zum anstehenden Release von „Dear Youth“, welches über Epitaph Records am 14.11.14 erscheint, hat David sich vor der Show mit Jonathan Vigil, dem Sänger von The Ghost Inside getroffen. Was die beiden so zu bereden hatten, könnt ihr bei uns nachlesen.



How is the tour going so far?
It is been great. It’s a good tour for a band like us because there are a lot of people we’re playing for. Asking Alexandria has a lot of younger fans, though. So there are many people who wouldn’t usually come to out shows. Hopefully we can get them to be new fans. The shows are huge and it has been fun so far. And there are always some guys who know us already moshing and singing along in the back.

Is there a different feeling on stage opening up for a band like Asking Alexandria?
Not a different feeling, but its kind of a split. Some people know who we are others have no idea. It takes a few songs to warm up. The front rows are full of 15 year old girls, it takes some time ‚til their faces get happier [Haha]. But for us there is no difference being only the support. We would play for anybody.

What kind of crazy things have happened to you while you are on stage? For example somebody was proposing to his girlfriend during YOUR show.
[Haha], that was at the With Full Force Festival, right? That was cool. But these things don’t happen on a regular basis. There are some things I remember, but I’m not the kind of exciting guy, I don’t really have to make crazy tour stories. But those things mean a lot to us as a band because it means a lot to these people.

You covered P.O.D.’s “Southtown” for Punk goes 90s. What is your side of the story behind that song?
We got an offer for that Album and they sent us a list but there wasn’t really a good song on it, which we wanted to play. So we thought what else could we play? We had listened to a lot of P.O.D. at that time so we said let’s cover a P.O.D. song; and Southtown is from 1999. It was a fun song to do, it was a different vibe you know. We should play it live, that would be fun!

“Dear Youth” is out November 14th and it seems that the album is a very personal one to you. What is the most important message?
Dear Youth is a very different record for us, lyrically speaking. The thing I want to express the most is the following. I’m in this band since I have been 20 and I am 30 years old now. The person I was used to be with 20 is the same person I am with 30 now. It’s a scary feeling to know that there was so much in this world I was able to accomplish, so many opportunities, so many open doors. And in the past few years I felt to stop doing what I was doing. I felt a lot of doors were closing on me. This record is about reminding yourself to make an effort on what you want to do no matter how old you are.
I don’t have anything except this band. I don’t have a regular job, I’m not married and I don’t have kids. All my friends are getting married and I’m stuck at the same spot. I am absolutely okay with that but when this band is over no matter how old I am then I’ll be 20 again, you know?

You are from Los Angeles. What do you do when you’re not in the studio or on tour? Are there any special places or spots for you?
A few friends and me are playing hockey or video games. And there is a little sandwich shop I have been hanging out since I am a kid. I always go there when I’m home. It reminds me of being a kid.

You guys are very interested in sports, right?
Yeah I like ice hockey. Jim, our bass player, is more the football guy. He loves Manchester United. I’m a Chelsea fan myself. I don’t follow them too crazily, though. But we followed the world cup this summer, too. By the way, congrats on winning! Then there is baseball and american football and so on. It’s a good hobby to be a part of.

Are you able to follow the games during your tours?
Unfortunately, the games sometimes come up at three a.m. in the morning in Germany, which makes it very hard to follow. But we definitely check the score as soon as we wake up.

So are you looking forward to the show in Cologne tonight?
Yes of course. Germany has got a very big fan base for us. Every time we play here it is insane, especially in Cologne . We still remember a sick show in the Essigfabrik which took place a few years ago. And I’m not saying that only because you’re a german reporter [Haha].

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