Interview mit Northlane @ Palladium Köln 19.12.14

Am 19.12.2014 gastierte die sogenannte ‚Tour of the Year‘ in Köln. Zu sehen und zu hören gab es Northlane, Carnifex, Heaven Shall Burn und Parkway Drive. Bei dieser Gelegenheit gab uns Josh, Gitarrist von Northlane, ein paar interessante und ehrliche Einblicke in das Tourleben und vor allem in die vergangenen Monate der Band, die von der ein oder anderen Herausforderung geprägt waren. Interviewt hat dieses mal meine nette Kollegin Jule. Vielen Dank dafür!

If you have to pin it down: what does Northlane stand for?
I think, for the most part our message is that we want to bring a feeling of positivity and interconnections between people back into this genre of music. We want a positive message to be spread and we want people to have a sense of community when they come to our shows and make them feel like they belong. If they can take something away from our music, which reaches their lives, then we have done or job.

You left a couple of rough months behind you. With Adrian leaving the band about 3 months ago you must have felt like you have been thrown into the deep end. Having Marcus as your new frontman, what does that mean to you?
It is relieving. When Adrian left we were not going to say ‘okay we’re done.’ We are never going to do that. We are never going to be like‘this is going to be too hard’ or ‘it will never be that good again so it is not worth it.’ But in our back of our minds, the whole time while we were looking for a vocalist, we were thinking ‘shit, if this doesn’t work out everything we have worked so hard for will be just thrown away.’ Now that we have Marcus on board, having all this behind us is just relieving. Now we can move forward.

What kept you guys going?
Life throws challenges at you often cloaked in something, which most people refer to as disaster. There are a lot of bad things that will happen to everyone during their lives. If you can turn something terrible around and make it a huge opportunity then you will be successful in life. That’s what we tried to do and managed to do. I think self-determination is what kept us going. And the fact that we worked so hard for so long to get here that we were not willing to throw it away and give it up best shot. What about all the fans that were backing us? We can’t just turn around and say “sorry guys we can’t be bothered.”

What can fans expect from the new Northlane? Can one speak of a “new Northlane”, anyway? What has changed for you, musically speaking and within the band?
Yea, there are differences. The most important thing to realize over the course of the history of our band is that we have always been about evolution. Evolving our sound, doing something different every time we record. Never sort of sticking to the same thing more than once. Having Marcus is great because we have a fresh pallet to work with as far as vocals go. When we did our single ROT the biggest problem we had wasn’t really what we were going to do with vocals but more that we had so many options to choose from, which we never had before. So how were we going to use that, you know. How are we going to put his abilities to work best. Not to be detracting from Adrian as a vocalist. But we never had someone with those skills before. And you know it is really refreshing to be on the road with him. You feel the enthusiasm back in our band and we have so much fun.

Do you feel the pressure of living up to past endeavors?
Well, we just do our best. The hardest judge of Northlane will always be Northlane. We are the ones who are the most critical of what we do. When we walk off stage and didn’t play the whole set perfectly we will be angry with ourselves. So if we can come away from shows happy I can’t imagine the fans having anything to complain about. We are always a lot harsher with ourselves but that’s the way it needs to be, though.

You have played with Parkway Drive before. Nonetheless, being part of the “tour of the year” must be another story. How has it turned out so far?
It’s been fantastic. It is a huge tour, which is awesome. Being on tour with Australians is great. We are from the other side of the world. It is just a bit of familiarity, something that reminds you of back home. Being an Australian band, the only Aussies you live beyond the road with is the band and crew and that’s it. It’s really cool to have that this time.

If that feels like home what does it feel like to be thrown together with Americans and Germans, too?
We have known Carnifex for a while too, so it is cool to be on tour with them again. We love Germany and Germans. I think they are hilarious. They are the only people in the world who can trick me with their sarcasm. And the guys from Heaven Shall Burn are really sarcastic. And they are very serious about Badminton. But we are more into cricket.

It is said that you will be planning to release a new album in the middle 2015. Is there anything to say about the album yet?
We have got a tour with August Burns Red in the United States early next year and as soon as that is finished we are going into the studio recording the new record. I am not exactly sure when it will come out. We are really happy with what it sounds like so far, though. It is definitely different but we like it.

Any outlook when you’ll be back in Europe?
We are coming back to Europe for some festivals in the summer season. We are announced for the Download Festival in the UK and Greenfield in Switzerland. There will be a few more announced and by then we will have some new sounds.


Video zum aktuellen Song ‚Rot‘:

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