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RaisedFist2014 Band promoWir durften uns passend zum anstehenden Release von „From The North“ mit den Schweden von Raised Fist unterhalten. Nach sechs Jahren Pause, melden diese sich mit einer neuen Platte und einer Europa Tour zurück. „From The North“ kommt am 19.01.2015 via Epitaph Records auf den Markt. Im Anschluss an das Interview findet ihr die kommenden Tourdates. Wir werden in Hamburg dabei sein.

1) Please introduce yourself and your band
RF is me Alexander, two guitarists Daniel and Jimmy, Bassplayer Josse and drummer Matte

2) After six years of silence, you gonna release your 7. Full Length „From The North“. Feels it still the same after all this years releasing a CD?

Its feels quite different every time. The procedure is almost the same, but there is always something new in our music. Releasing your songs to a wider audience is always special.

3) I got the pleasure to listen to „From The North“ and its a banger.How was the time at the studio to record the songs?

Working in the studio is always hard. Many hours, many takes, up all nights, thinking, breathing music 24/7. It was really nice to work with producer Roberto Laghi who had a very nice approach to this production.
But mainly everything went very smooth.

4) One of my all-time favorite records is still „Dedication“. It was something new, it was different. It was raw. Whats your favorite record of Raised Fist?

Yes, dedication was new at that time. New as in every album we’ve made throughout our career. When we released that album no one gave a fuck about it. It got average reviews (and below), sold almost nothing, and we could not figure out why everyone „missed the point“. That has happened to many albums. It takes some time for people to understand what they are listening to. My favorite album is FROM THE NORTH. I have never liked so many songs on an album i’ve partly written, like with this one.

5) The style of your music changed through the years, in my opinion „Dedication“ has it completely own style. The other ones are more Hardcore/Punk influenced. How would you describe your style of music today?

I believe every album we release has something original. Raised Fist is music wise, a band that influence other bands. We bring a new original style to the harder music genre, a style that we created. There are pieces of punk/hardcore/pop/blues/jazz/rock/metal/classical tunes in our songs.
There will always be hardcore/punk in the mix, that is where we come from.

6) The „From The North“ Tour starts at the beginning of February. Are you exited playing the new songs live?

Yes, that will be very stimulating! It will take a couple of shows to get the new songs into the back bone, but when they are tight, it will be awesome.

7) Please tell me 3 things you carry always with you if you on tour.

Laptop, phone, earplugs

8) The last words are yours

Thank you for this interview. Hope to see you soon in a city nearby!

Upcoming Tourdates:

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