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Irgendwann in der zweiten Jahreshälfte von 2014, rief mich ein Freund an und meinte ich müsse mir ganz dringend eine Band anhören. Die hätten ihn grad angeschrieben wegen eines Gigs und das wäre richtig abgefahrenes Kram. Also gab ich bei Google „IMPLORE“ ein, und das Release „Black Knell“ hat mich kalt erwischt. Im Anschluss hab ich mich dann näher mit der Band beschäftigt, sie auf einem Konzert gesehen und die Platte heruntergeladen, schließlich beschloss ich mich mit Implore mal zu unterhalten. Hier also das Interview mit Gabriel „Gabbo“ Sänger und Bassist von Implore.

1) Please introduce yourself and your band

Hi there! My name is Gabriel “gabbo” Dubko, I play bass and vocals in a deathgrind thing called Implore.

2) Is there a meaning behind the name IMPLORE?

I chose the name some time ago and I liked the fact that it’s just one word, easy to read and to know the meaning. As I didn’t find any other band with that name so far I made it ours! It has two sides to me, Implore could be grief begging to a deity or asking for mercy in a violent situation. So both ways, good and evil made it kinda epic to me. hahaha

3) When you get ask what kind of music Implore is playing, what is your answer?

If the person I’m talking to knows about genres and subgenres of metal music then I’d say deathgrind, otherwise I just say heavy shit.

4) I know that all band members coming from different cities. How difficult is it to get all three members for rehearsal? And in which city is your rehearsal room?

It’s a new situation to us since this is very recent, but our practice room is in Hamburg and we meet up there to practice, Michi the drummer has a practice room in Kiel and he does his homework there. But time will tell how we’ll manage this in the future…

5) Which lifestyle you prefer? Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll or more like the Vegan / Straight Edge way?

A bit of both (hahahaha!) Daniel and I are vegans, I’m the only straight edge in the band, Michi doesn’t drink or smoke but he is not claiming the X & Daniel smokes rolled tobacco and drinks beer. We respect each other’s choices, but none of both lifestyles are fully imprinted in our message. We support veganism more than the other mentioned things.

6) The six song strong ep „Black Knell“ was released in july 2014. It’s a fucking banger by the way. But what’s first the music or the lyrics?

Thanks a lot! Daniel wrote all the music and I wrote all the lyrics. When he sent me the mp3 demos I did my part. I had some lines randomly written before, but it all took shape once the music was ready. That’s usually our writing process.

7) How was the recording process for „Black Knell“?

Was awesome! Was our first studio experience and we had a good base to work with, the drums were recorded by Kevin Talley (suffocation, hate eternal) so when we entered the studio the drum files were done and sounded amazing. Jan our producer knew what we wanted and how to work that sound, so it all worked out very easily in the end.

8) You going in march to the states for a 13 run of shows, are you booking this DIY or with a label / booking agency? How excited you are about this opportunity?

This tour was booked by a friend of mine from Portland, Ryan the drummer of Dissidence (the band we share the tour with) and myself. We wrote to all our contacts and we put everything together, was like half a year of work but totally worth it. I’m super stoked about it since it’s the first overseas tour I ever play. I know pretty much what to expect, it will be a blast and a lot of fun for sure!

9) There are a couple of shows in Germany as well. But is there enough time to record and release a full length? Is something planned for the near future?

We will be hitting the studio for our first LP during the first weeks of March and then we fly to Seattle from Berlin right after the recording sessions. In between the west coast run and the Mexico/Texas shows we will stop in Portland for some days to mix and master it with Joel Grind and Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. I guess the album will come out some time in September. Don’t know much about the releasing date yet.

10) The last words are yours my friend!

Thank you very much for giving a shit for this band, we really appreciate people putting time and effort into booking a show, writing an interview, review or just by coming out to the shows. Every little help and contribution makes us feel better and make our days happier. This band is all I actually care in my life and I Iove seeing people putting interest into it, I’m extremely thankful.

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