Interview mit Ollie von Broadside


Broadside sind die Newcomer im Bereich des Pop-Punk Genres. Ihr Debüt „Old Bones“ kommt am 22.05. bei keinem geringeren Label als Victory Records auf den Markt. Die Scheibe routiert bereits seit einigen Wochen bei uns im Player und weil wir so geflashed sind von „Old Bones“, dachten wir uns – unterhalten wir uns mal mit der Band. Die übrigens von der Alternative Press zu den 100 Bands zählt die man dieses Jahr so auf dem Schirm haben sollte.

1) Please introduce yourself and your band…
-My name is Ollie and I sing in a band called Broadside.

2) In May you gonna release your first Long Player “Old Bones”, how excited are you?
-It’s an unreal experience man, I mean 5 guys from Virginia went to Hollywood to record a record. It sounds like EVERY “livin the dream” 80’s movie ever (haha). I’m just so humbled and cannot wait to buy a bunch of copies for myself.

3) Its your debut LP, how was the recording process? Is there any funny story from the studio you wanna tell us?
-The recording process was incredibly intimate in the sense that Kyle really helped us develop our sound and explore every option before settling. We picked apart every aspect of this record man..down to how it would sound if I sang through my teeth for a specific effect on one song.

We started the whole process on Sunset Boulevard recording Andrew’s drums in the Madden Brothers studios. I mean I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t fangirling over the Good Charlotte plaques and records on the walls.. I mean, here we are in the studio where a band in our genre “made it” and we are just drinking Red Bulls and mocking Andrew through a recording glass as he gets blisters on his fingers.

As far as funny stories I have SO many haha, let’s see.. Well the first night we got to California, we got there a few days early so we decided to get a hotel one of those nights and it just so happened to be a night where some big computer gaming convention was being held. So here we are walking around the hotel lobby 5 shirtless tattooed boys looking for the swimming pool, with hundreds of kids dressed up in anime consumes and playing games on their computers just confused by our presence. Needless to say we ended up in the pool/hot tub hanging out with one of the countries “top players” and a few of his friends, Such a culture shock but we just love people so the company was appreciated.

4) The lyrics are very personal, every adult know about the situations in your songs. Did that all happened to yourself or your band mates?
-Every word in these 11 songs are torn directly from my very own life experiences. I wanted to come out the gates and put it out there that we aren’t afraid to touch on very real subjects. Honesty and perseverance are two things I have and always will pride myself on.

5) Victory Records is a strong partner in the music business. How started this partnership?
-Well I believe that one of their A&R members pitched our music video for “Storyteller” to the label and they were into it. They sent out an email asking for a showcase and we knew in our hearts that if we didn’t drive to Chicago and perform, we could miss our chance. I’m still very grateful for their curiosity.

6) Alternative Press named you in their article “100 Bands you have to know in 2015”, how proud are you?
-As someone who grew up reading those magazines and feeling like I was never going to be important enough to grace the pages of that magazine.. Seeing that, and opening to page 60 and seeing our faces and the name “Broadside” I mean it sends a chill down my spine man.. I was raised to live smart and not take chances because the more faith you put into others the more you will be let down. Thankfully, I NEVER LISTENED.

7) Whats the next step for you guys after the release of “Old Bones”? A big European or American Tour? Going on Holiday?
-Tour and more touring! I want to have 12 months booked by next year. I’m not the kind of person who can sit still. The whole wide world is out there and I’ll never let myself feel comfortable enough to stay in one place.

8) You are on a lonely Island. Which 5 things you must have with you?
A french press and a few hundred pounds of medium ground coffee beans, roasted in either Kenya or Ethiopia. Journal. Assortment of books with classic American literature and modern dystopian fiction, as well as all of the Harry Potter books. Smith & Wesson Knife. Canon Ae1 Film camera with multiple rolls of film and replaceable batteries.

9) The last words are yours!
-You know, I never thought I would have a conversation with someone representing a German music magazine. It may not seem like much because I’m sure you do this all the time, however to me, this is unbelievable. I’m just a fatherless boy, raised in a trailer park, and here I am talking to someone from a different country about my record. I guess I’d just like to say thanks.. for your time and interest. It’s worth more than you may ever know! Thanks, Chris.

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