Interview mit Henry Gaza von Shattered Sun


Shattered Sun haben vor kurzem ihr Debut „Hope Within Hatred“ bei Victory Records auf den Markt gebracht. Moderner Metal mit einer Prise Old School Flavour. Passend zum Release haben wir Sänger/Keyboarder Henry Gaza einige Fragen gestellt!

1) Please introduce yourself and your band…
– Hey Chris! I’m Henry Garza and I’m the keyboard player for Shattered Sun.

2) “Hope Within Hatred” is your debut record and hit the stores at 21th of April, how excited are you guys?
– We couldn’t be more excited. We’ve been working on the album for a while now and just to be able to go to your local music store, and pick up a physical copy of our album is just unreal.

3) Lets talk about the recording process of your record. How difficult is it to get 6 minds together?
– The recording process had its ups and down, because we had more than half of our songs ready and the other, we spent extra time writing in the studio. But we have all been playing together for years that we all have very good musical chemistry and it makes the writing process and recording process easier.

4) For this first record, you get the help of Victory Records a big Name in the Music business. How proud are you about this Partnership?
– We’re very proud of our partnership with victory records. The whole Victory Records team is amazing. They’ve really been bending over backwards for us, especially in getting our music out there.

5) How excited you are for playing the New England Metal and Hardcore Fest? Its a big Festival and a big chance to bring your music to big audience.
– We actually played the festival and couple days ago and had a great time. There was a lot of energy at the festival and a lot of amazing bands! It was pretty big deal to us to be on the festival.

6) When “Hope Within Hatred” is out, what’s your next step for Shattered Sun?
– The next step for us is to finish up the Dark Roots Of Thrash II Tour then to promote the album all summer long on Mayhem Fest!

7)Is there a plan you come to Europe this year or playing big festivals?
– As of right now, we don’t have anything planned. Hopefully sometime in the near future we can make out overseas. It’s always been a dream of ours to play all the big festivals and to have our music heard all around the world.

8) If you are on Tour, which 3 things you have definitely with you?
– First thing would probably be my PS4, it helps pass time on the long drives. Second would definitely be mouthwash, helps with everyone’s morning breath in the van. Third thing is definitely gonna be a portable phone charger.

9) The last words are yours
– Be sure to pick up our album „hope within hatred“ and catch us on the remaining dates of the dark roots of thrash tour with Testament and Exodus. And we’ll see everyone this summer on Mayhem.

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