Interview mit Mike von After The Fall


After The Fall haben vor einigen Tagen ihre Platte „Dedication“ bei Bridge Nine Records auf den Markt gebracht. Das gute Stück klingt nach einem klassischen Sommer Soundtrack. Grund genug uns im Rahmen unsere CD Besprechung mal mit der Band zu unterhalten und ihnen einige Fragen zu „Dedication“ zu stellen!

1) Please Introduce yourself and your band
Hey I’m Mike Moak, the band is called After the Fall.

2) “Dedication” is one of my favorites these days, sounds like summer and hang out with the boys and girls. How was the recording process ?
„Dedication“ was recorded in November at the blasting room in Colorado. And we’re from Albany, NY where there is like 8 months of bitter cold and snow every year. The recording process was more of a grieving process and mourning our original member and friend Brian Peters who lost a battle with cancer, the record is a dedication to him, all the lyrics are for him. A summertime hangout with the boys and girls sounds quite nice though haha. Wish we could say we come from a sunny beach, surfing, west coast mxpx sorta place, but really we come from a blue collar working class, bitter cold and grey sort of place.

3) For the people who don’t know After The Fall, describe the style of music you play?
For people unfamiliar with punk and hardcore and its many varieties I usually just say rock and roll like RAMONES or Green Day, that’s obviously a stretch, but it’s my go-to, for people with no punk knowledge. For people whom are familiar, I suppose you could compare our band to Propagandhi or Strike Anywhere.

4) What is your favorite song of “Dedication”?
I still haven’t decided which song is my favorite, this is sort of our first „concept“ album so I kinda view it as a complete effort. I really like the first 3 songs and their flow. Also the final track „Indian ladder“ hits hard for me.

5) Is there any funny Story during the recordings of the new Album?
Not really anything too crazy… it was a good time we got to play a show with Chad Price in Denver and hang with our friends Mike, Bug and Lacy.

6) Whats your favorite bands or bands that influence you and After The Fall ?
Descendents, Bad Religion, Avail, Leatherface, Propagandhi, Dag Nasty…

7) Whats your plans now, after releasing “Dedication”, is there any tour coming in europe or the states ?
Just got home today from a week tour of Mexico, record release shows next week plus pouzza fest, and then we support Anti Flag on their American spring tour this June.
Europe will happen again when it makes most sense, maybe some festival dates will pop up soon!

8) Sex Drugs and Rock ’n‘ Roll or Straight Edge/Vegan which is your lifestyle?
Neither really, we grew up playing music and skateboarding. We don’t dress hip, have tons of tattoos or subscribe to any lifestyle or dietary labels. I’m not a big drinker but I do like to go out to bars and parties still. We all respect others choices to be drug free or vegan, and we also respect others choices to consume alcohol, eat meat and smoke weed. As long as you’re a good person that’s all that matters to us.

9) What are you doing, when you’re not in the studio or on tour?
I work for a friends construction company and I also screen print shirts once in awhile. Ty is an electrician. Meepy is a waiter / food server. And Matty walks rich people’s dog’s in Philadelphia.

10)The last words are yours!
Thanks for the interview!

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