Interview mit Simone von Traces Of You


Traces Of You sind im Hardcorebereich absolut keine unbekannten mehr. Letzten Monat brachte der Vierer ihr neuestes Werk „Deliverance“ bei Swell Creek Records auf den Markt. Wenn ihr euch erinnert, haben wir die Scheibe besprochen. Checkt die Review Sektion! Aber wie häufiger in der letzten Zeit haben wir uns auch mit der Band unterhalten und ihnen einige Fragen gestellt. Viel Spaß!

1) Please introduce yourself and your band
Traces Of You is an Hardcore band from Utrecht/Schwerte/Milan.
The band was formed in Italy at the end of 2006 (some changes in the line up over the years), the members had previous experiences in their local Hardcore and Metal scene. Line up is Simo Putzu (Vocals), Giuliano Moro (Bass), Marco Gervasio (Guitar) and Lennard Post (Drums), sometimes some friends of us join the band as second guitar. The band has built a good fanbase, interested audience and attention over the years. We’ve been working hard since day one to gain our place in the European Hardcore scene and represent it worldwide.

We play an intense Hardcore mixed with bursting metal riffs, all combined with screaming, burning, touching and passionate vocals. We love to mix the musical influences of ’90s Hardcore with the sound of nowadays Hardcore bands like Terror, Madball, Comeback Kid, Hatebreed with a positive and spiritual message of band like 108, Shelter and Abhinanda. So our lyrics are concentrated on self-evaluation, awakening of spiritual awareness and introspection. Hardcore to us is music with inspirational messages and it has inspired our lives, so we’re trying to pay off our debt to it.

We did various European tours over the years sharing the stage with many many bands from Europe and USA. We toured UK with Broken Teeth and Currahee in 2010. We also toured ASIA for one month in summer 2013 playing shows in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysa and Indonesia building a great fanbase there. In summer 2014 we had the True Spirit Tour 3, touring Europe with some of the best European bands like No Turning Back, The Setup and For The Glory.

2) “Deliverance” hit the stores on 24.04.15, how was the recording process?
Recording DELIVERANCE has been funny and interesting. I think in Deliverance there are the finest songs we wrote.
Being the third album, it outlines more our sound, we tried to be most effective and simple, much more hardcore, more direct. Traces Of You is a band almost completely DIY, we care personally of the whole recording process, since Marco, our guitar player has a recording studio (Effort Studio Recording). We met in Italy in our studio / rehearsal room and we made our personal recording sessions, we mixed everything and then we put the records in the hands of Jamie King from The Basement Studio in USA.

3) How difficult is it, to get all members of the band together? Everybody live in another country I guess?
Paradoxically we are more organized now than before. Substantially before leaving for the dates, tours or weekenders we meet at least 1/2 days before to have intensive rehearsals. To play in europe our headquarters is in Utrecht. Sometimes it is expensive in terms of money, if the movements are not well calibrated. We are currently looking for a guitar player between Germany (Dortmund area) and Netherlands (Utrecht area) to play as much as possible being organized in central europe.

4) What is your favorite songs of “Deliverance”?
We like so much every songs of the album.

5) Is there any funny story during the recordings of the new record?
Nothing special to tell, we always have a lot of fun together! We can say every time we meet for rehearsals of for some recording session we spend a lot of time in our headquarter cooking and then eating!

6) Whats your favorite bands or bands that influence Traces Of You?
We try to support as much as possible the European Hardcore, our scene, so our favorite bands are No Turning Back, All For Nothing, The Setup, Strength Approach, Risk It, For The Glory, My Turn and Face Your Enemy. About lyrics we prefer bands with positive message.

7) Whats your plans now, after releasing “Deliverance”, is there any tour coming in Europe?
We will hit Greece for the first time with 2 dates, we will play 2 festivals in Germany and other weekenders in Europe. We are going to release the album in south america, so we are thinking to tour there very soon!

8) Sex Drugs and Rock ’n‘ Roll or Straight Edge/Vegan which is your lifestyle?
We are not a SxE/Veg band but 3 of us embraced this lifestyle.

9) What are you doing, when you’re not in the studio or on tour?
Everyone has his own life. Simo is a graphic designer and cook for a Yoga School.
Giuly is a web developer, Lennard teaches drums and Marco works in a supermarket and in his recording studio.

10) The last words are yours!
Thank you so much for the space to speak about Traces Of You and about our new album. Please stay in touch with us through our facebook page!


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