Interview mit Zane von Hardside


Hardside haben am 31.07. ihre neue Platte „The Madness“ bei Beatdown Hardware Records auf den Markt gebracht. Im Rahmen meiner Plattenrezension, durfte ich auch einige Fragen an die Band richten. Was Sänger Zane zusagen hatte könnt ihr in den nächsten Zeilen lesen.

1) Please introduce yourself and your band
My name is Zane Pugh I am the singer of Hardside. Hardside formed in Late 2009 and having been touring ever since. We have gone through some member changes over the years but Hs now consists of Patrick Flanigan and Sammy Pajcic on guitar, Travis Rendon on Bass and Ely Castillio on the drums. This is the most consistent and solid line up we as a band has ever had.

2) Describe the style of music you play in one word!
If I were to only pick one word I would say “Heavy” we have many influences as a band, not only hardcore, we love metal, punk, beatdown, Classic rock, death metal, etc. As a band we’ve always had a different sound and try to sreay away from normal, I think our music and especially this new record are a reflection of our influences and our love for all things heavy.

3) In july you gonna release your new Long Player “The Madness”, how excited are you?
I’m very excited man, we had lots of obstacles recording this record and at some periods of time I didn’t think we would ever be finished with the album. As the release date gets closer I get excited that people will finally get to hear what we have been working so hard on. I personally think this is our best work as a band.

4) How was the recording process for “The Madness” ? Is there any funny story from the studio you have to tell us?
The recording process was awesome we got to work with our close friend Jake G, everyday there was something to laugh at or joke around about. I think the funniest part of the recording process was that Jake would save all our vocal outtakes and then play them at random times of the day and they would be so ridiculous. Also Patrick is practically a comedian so anytime he is around I am laughing.

5) Whats the main difference between “Time is Punishment” and the new record “The Madness”?
There are some differences when it comes too The Madness but we weren’t trying to reinvent the wheel. The Madness has more metal influence then TIP and when you notice that when you hear the new record. We wanted to pay homage to one of our favorite bands like Pantera (we are from Texas we have to love Pantera) Machine Head, Biohazard and Leeway. We have always tried to stray away from the ordinary, and The Madness is no exception.

6) Beatdown Hardware is a well known label here in Germany and Europe. How started your “releationship” with toni?
In 2012 we went on tour with our friends in Warhound, They were on BDHW and I was always a fan of their releases. When we were in the demoing process of The Madness we were introduced online and it we both wanted to make the new record happen. We were finally able to meet this summer while we were on tour in Europe. He is a awesome dude and has a great vision with his label BDHW. We couldn’t be more stoked to be apart of the BDHW family and look forward to the future.

7) Tell us about your tour plans for the second half of this year?
We plan on playing lots of shows around Texas along with a west coast and southeast tour in late 2015 and plan on coming back to Europe/Asia in early 2016

8) If you only have 3 things to carry with you on a long tour. Which would it be?
oh man this is a tough one would have to be my pillow and sleeping bag. Sleep is key and sometimes on tour you have to sleep on some crazy surfaces. Next I would have to bring so comfortable shoes. You are always on your feet on riding in the van on tour and comfort is key for me. Sometimes I wear some questionable footwear choices (crocs), but i swear those ones are the most comfortable. The last thing I would bring with me would be my ipod and headphones. I have some crazy tastes in music and sometimes you just gotta blast some sade at 4 am, ya know?

9) The last words are yours!
Thank you Chris for doing the interview, Check out The Madness when it drops July 31st via BDHW. Shout to all our Euro crew Toni, Tim, Balazas, Mikie Davies, Fede and JR Shout out to Awesome European HC bands we got to play with and see first hand Blind Beliefs, Method of proof, Nasty, Risk it, World Eater, Broken Teeth. Check out detriment, Check out Shadow Of doubt, Check out The Deal ( they have a new EP coming out soon as well.], some of us are also in that band I want to thank anyone who saw us this summer when we were over in Europe it was the coolest tour I’ve ever been apart of.

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