Interview mit Jerome von Horned


Horned aus Marseille sind noch eine wirklich junge Band. Das hindert sie aber nicht daran im Oktober ein 11 Track starkes Debut abzuliefern. Der erste Song der Platte „I, Blasphemy“ hat Knochenbrecher Potenzial und featured den Sänger der französischen Beatdown Band DCA. Die Band beschreibt ihren Stile als „Violent Beatdown mit Black Metal Einflüssen. Das klingt verrückt, ist es aber eigentlich gar nicht. Aus diesem Grund hab ich den Jungs mal ein paar Fragen geschickt, die mir Jerome, Vocalist der Band sehr sympathisch beantwortet hat.

1) Hey guys, please introduce yourself and your band to our readers.
We are Horned, we’re French and we play what a friend called blasphemic beatdown.

2) You are a very young band. How started the Horned-project ?
The project began in late 2013 with Gaultier (guitar) and I when we decided to set up a hardcore band with black metal influences. The idea was to mix the two genres and not just follow a mouvance. The beatdown influences came quickly after and with Gaultier’s first demo pre-songs, we began to build something. We released two songs, got a first date in Germany and then we found real members to concretely create a full band for concerts and shit.

3) If someone don’t know about your band, how you describe the style of music ?
We try to combine violent beatdown to black metal, sometimes you won’t find anything of BM in what you’ll hear, sometimes it’ll be an evidence. The real challenge is to make a song coherent with the two genres, something as dark and cold as aggressive.

4) The bands you share the stage with in your short band history is long. Tell us the bands that influence Horned ?
Nasty, Vow Of Hatred, Shining, Cold Hard Truth, Words Of Concrete, 90’s Marduk, Forgotten Tomb, Six Ft. Ditch, Slayer, Brutality Will Prevail’s “Forgotten Soul”, Deicide, Mayhem… It’s very diversified. Playing with bands like DCA, Providence, All Out War and Brawl Between Enemies was also very rewarding, these guys are really pretty sick.

5) There are a lot of great bands in France. What is the difference between Horned and the other artists ? What makes your band special ?
We don’t have the arrogance to compare ourselves to other bands. I think the only thing that could differentiate us from others is mainly the lyrics and the dark themes we play through. We try to talk about other things than violence in the streets or the importance of friends and family. Horned is an outlet, a spittle of all what we abhor the most.

6) Next month you gonna release your debut “Perpetuate Misanthropy”. How excited you are ?
This full lenght is a first step for us, a real achievement. We fucking worked hard on it, re-recorded some parts, changed some songs, added new things. It was very painful, maybe not perfect, we don’t know, because we learned a lot of things during the process, but we’re proud of it and just can hope the listeners will like it as well.

7) The first song “I, Blasphemy” is really hard stuff. What happens first, the music or the lyrics ?
Both. I write lyrics on my side and the others compose the music. I readjust the lyrics on the music, and vice versa. For “Catharsis” for example, it was at first the end of “I, Blasphemy” that we cut out and made another song from it. I can also adapt the lyrics for the featurings we got on the record (Loic from DCA, Connor Karwowski from No Zodiac and good local friends Florent Salfati from Hate In Front and Ben, the past singer of Pallass).

8) What about your plans for upcoming live shows ? Can we expect a tour with the new material ?
We’ll organize soon a little european tour with a new set, new merch and try to crush the scene. We can’t wait to play in Germany again along with Belgium, Switzerland, North of France and maybe Austria and Spain.

9) The last words are yours !
Thanks for the interest and this interview Chris.
We use this opportunity for encouraging the readers to check great French bands like
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Across The Silence (, support them they worth it. Concerning us, we release “Perpetuate Misanthropy” next month, we hope it’ll meet the expectations. In case not, fuck you all. Hail the goat.

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