Interview: Memfis

Hello Memfis, first of all congratulations to your sensational new album THE-WIND-UP. It was really a pleasure to listen to all these non-typical song structures, cool riffings and great vocals. Where do you get all these different ideas from?

Oh, thanks man! Do you really think so?

Well, it’s a mix of all bands and music styles that we are into. Opeth and Mastodon are the bands who always are mentioned in our reviews, and it make sense because we have listen a lot to those bands before we recorded the album.

On the record it seems as if everything goes together hand in hand, even if you combine free-jazz with traditional metal riffing. Have you made other band experiences (in other music styles) before starting Memfis?

We have all played in different constellations and projects before Memfis, and CJ (drums) and Henrik (bass) are studying music right now in Stockholm.

When will you get on tour to Germany?

We have nothing booked in Germany yet. But I hope that we can join some band
as support or even plan a tour of our own soon.

Let’s get to the “crossfire” part of the interview (10 questions that are always the same in each interview):

At home:
In which way do you write your songs? Does anyone of you have kind of an initial idea, or do you just play on and on until something sounds interesting to you, or another way?

It turned out to be so that I’m composing a lot at home, recording ideas and even
complete whole songs before we rehearse on them. Sometimes we play with the ideas and the arrangements. But now, when we all live in different cities, it’s more like I e-mail a song and then they learn them before we get together for the next rehearsal.

Except playing music, what do you do in your free time?

è It’s a lot of press now and everything around the band that is not actually playing music. Besides that it’s the usual, girlfriend and hanging out with my friends. I’m very fond of good movies and TV-shows like Lost (I’m a huge fan).

Is MEMFIS job, vocation or hobby?

A combination of all three, I guess. Music is my biggest interest and Memfis have turned to be my biggest priority lately and with that comes a lot of hard work for those 30 minutes on the stage. But we’re definitely not able to live on our music.

On the road:
Vegan, straight edge, or rather sex drugs and rock´n´roll? What does a perfect catering look like?

One of us is straight edge, and the rest of us have relationships. So it seems that it’s only drugs and rock´n´roll left here. Music goes way ahead partying for my concern!

If you could choose, who would be your favourite support band on a headlining tour / who would be your favourite headliner you would support?

I don’t think were worthy a favourite band as support for us already. But it would be so awesome to join a band like Mastodon on tour as support. They are big but not to huge, and they seem to be down-to-earth people.

What was your greatest event live or on tour by now?

It must be when we played support for Satyricon in Sweden and Denmark last year. We played at good venues and there was about 200-400 people every night.

Imagine you are stranded on a secluded island and your I-Pod has a defect. It only will play one song (which is none of your own ones). Which one?

Oh shit, that would almost be worse than having no one at all. My favourite music and artists are changing all the time. But if I had to, I would pick Starless with King Crimson.

If you could start again at the beginning of your band, would you do anything different than you did?

No, I think everything has developed into something over my expectations. I want this band to grow at its own pace.

How much does the music you are doing mean to you? Are there limits in what you would invest (time / emotions / finances)?

I got an occupation that has worked out fine with Memfis so far. But if things start to roll faster and I had to choose between something really important and my job, I would prior Memfis. I’m hoping that I some day could live on my music.

The very last question:
If there was a question you always wanted to be asked, but never were asked yet, what would it be and what would be your answer?

Who do you want to produce a Memfis album if could chose?
It would be so exciting to work with someone like Rick Rubin or Joe Barresi, because they’re almost legends and I want to have a more organic and powerful rock production on our next album.

Thank you for your patience, all best wishes for the future.

You’re welcome!
/Mattias Engström

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