Interview: Man Must Die

Anlässlich der neuen CD ‚No tolerance for imperfection‘ haben wir uns Alan von MAN MUST DIE gekrallt und ihn in unser Kreuzfeuer genommen. Dass der gute Mann viel Spaß dabei hat, Interviews zu bearbeiten, merkt man an seinen vielen Lachern…
Besten Dank hierfür!

Congratulations to your third strike “No tolerance for imperfection”. My first impression was: this sounds like a challenge to other bands! Is it?

Thanks bro, we are really happy with the way this one turned out. We have been wanting to capture what MMD really is like and this is the first time we have managed to capture the rage on CD, so we are real happy with it. Its not a challenge to any other bands, it was our own challenge to come up with it and then to record the fucker haha

I was really fascinated from the variability you have in your songs. Although everything sounds like MAN MUST DIE, the different songs have very different characters. Is this something you aimed at?

Yeah, we really wanted to create the MMD sound, too manytimes in the past people have linked other bands to our sound, which is completely normal, but as a band you should always strive to create something original, and your own sound will always be original. We write what we would want to hear ourselves and we love stuff that is aggressive but catchy (memorable). We are happy at the way the album changes throughout, its cool to keep things flowing and fresh.

Visiting your myspace page, I only found two album launch shows in Edinburgh and Glasgow. When will you hit german roads next time? We think especially the Japanische Kampfhörspiele-Fans are excited to see René playing your songs.

Yeah, we fucking love playing in Germany, we have had some great shows there, German fans are the best out there and it means a lot to us to have some of them on our side and supporting what we do. Rest assured we will be back over as soon as its possible, hopefully in the fall. Yeah its gonna be great to play as a five piece with Rene joining us now, its gonna add a whole new level of rage live haha.

Talking about René: how do you handle your everyday band life (just like working on new material in your rehearsal room) with a band member from a different country?

Well its early days just now but not much will change from the way we do stuff already and have done as a 4 piece over the last 7 years, we will continue to write the way we do and invite Renes ideas over the internet, so much can be done over the net, and when we have shows/tours Rene will fly over for some rehearsals beforehand, its really straightforward and Rene is super excited about it all, which helps a lot. Passion is the thing that’s needed to make it all happen, and we have an abundance of that.

Let´s get to the „crossfire“ part of the interview (10 questions that are always the same in each interview):

At home:
In which way do you write your songs? Does anyone of you have kind of an initial idea, or do you just play on and on until something sounds interesting to you, or another way?

Usually ill piece some riffs and ideas together at home then meet up with Joe our vocalist and danny the bassist and we will exchange ideas and piece parts together, then it’s a case of rehearsing them with Matt on drums then the magic comes together. We have a good system in place that works well and gets it all done with everyone’s input, its working out great and we cant wait to start writing the next beast.

Except playing music, what do you do in your free time?

Well like most other bands, we have jobs as well as the band (it’s the way it is now for all bands) but to be honest the band pretty much takes up all the spare/free time we have, its pretty non stop, dealing with so many band related things per day keeps you busy I tell ya.

Is MAN MUST DIE job, vocation or hobby?

It’s a cross between a Job and a hobby, I think once it becomes solely a job the magic can easily get lost, you know, the passion for what you do, plus we don’t make enough money from it to call it a job haha

On the road:
Vegan, straight edge, or rather sex drugs and rock´n´roll? What does a perfect catering look like?

Haha, No, no gay shit from us, we are strictly normal haha, perfect catering will include Beer/water Lots of food and some tea for our singer (he is banned from drinking as he is a real maniac on it haha)

If you could choose, who would be your favourite support band on a headlining tour / who would be your favourite headliner you would support?

I think it would be so fucking sweet to support Slayer, they are the masters of aggressive thrash and just the masters in general haha, to get onto a tour like that would really be something special. I have no idea who I would have to support us, I love to have bands that are doing their own thing, not following all the scenes that are going on just now, too much of that is happening and all the bands are sounding the same, we cant be fucked with that shit.

What was your greatest event live or on tour by now?

That’s a toughie, we played at the deathfeast in May, it was one of my fav shows as it was our first outdoor fest, we were kinda anxious about playing at first as we are not the typical band on that line up, mostly just brutal guttural death metal, and with us having melodies in there I thought it would be a disaster but it turned out to be great. Also backa few years ago we supported Fear Factory in Glasgow and ended up going down better than them haha, was awesome had 800 people chanting man Must Die, was an awesome show.

Imagine you are stranded on a secluded island and your I-Pod has a defect. It only will play one song (which is none of your own ones). Which one?

One song? Fuck, that would drive anyone insane haha, I think that no matter how much you loved that song before hitting that island, you would hate it after about a day haha, hmmm dunno maybe the loneliness of the long distance runner by Iron it.

If you could start again at the beginning of your band, would you do anything different than you did?

No , Not really, every band has to have its maturing time, and its history, we have done everything we can as a group of guys, we just wish we could’ve toured more in our time so far, but hopefully that will change now.

How much does the music you are doing mean to you? Are there limits in what you would invest (time / emotions / finances)?

I don’t even want to think about how much money ive invested in music, haha, and if you really want to succeed in this industry you have to have patience and be emotionally stable, have goals in your band life and strive to meet them one by one, don’t expect lots of money or fame or that shit, just do what you love and enjoy it while you can.

The very last question:
If there was a question you always wanted to be asked, but never were asked yet, what would it be and what would be your answer?

It would be …Did you enjoy your world tour supporting Slayer?
The answer would be ….go figure …haha

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